We Love Letters

Written by Alessandra

As I’m sure you have already concluded, we adore letters here at Send Love. 

Call us old fashioned, but there’s something truly unique and sentimental about receiving a hand-written note in the mail. Letters have a way of showing a certain level of care and attention to cause because they take time to create, send, and receive

And unless you’re holding a utility bill in your hands, there’s a good chance that you have no idea what is contained within that little envelope. Extra points if the envelope is big and fat. 

Love Is In The Mail

I thought that I’d take a moment today to reflect on what makes snail mail so precious. In a strange moment of coincidence, I decided to check my own mailbox before sitting down to write this and found that I had just received a small package– a very belated birthday gift from my sister. She had told me to keep my eyes open for something and today of all days, was the day that it finally arrived.

This little parcel travelled 7630 kilometres to reach me, all the way from Canada. It’s really something to consider the journey the little bubble mailer has made, what depots it has visited, and whose hands it has passed through along the way to arrive here in metropolitan France. I admit that I have really taken the existence of the postal service for granted. 

Today’s little package has been positively heartwarming to receive so in honour of that, here are a few fine examples of some other letters to fall in love with.

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