How It All Began, Part II

Written by Alessandra

“How It All Began”

Sounds like the opening words of an essay by Denis Diderot.. So, why not begin start with style. Allez. I assure you that my posts will be full of joy and light, because joyful and light is exactly how I imagine the personality of Send Love from Paris.

This is my first post on the recently conceived blog, that Cristina has already begun to fill with beautiful sparkles and unusual tales.. I’ll be a recurrent voice as well, sharing with you everything that I love about Paris, about writing, about relationships, and about starting a company at the precise moment when the whole planet seems to be locking down and changing its habits. Bare with me, I promise that it will be fun !

Do or do not. There is no try.

– Yoda

First of all, the Essentials

Who am I ? I’m Alessandra: Italian, architect, interior designer, and creative! Founder of the concept behind Send Love from Paris, which originally began back in the early months of 2018.

Where did the idea of “Send Love” come from?

It’s evident that communicating one’s emotions is now more than ever important; that a text message, an mms or whatsapp message are just not as effective or real as a long letter written with paper and ink.

Before starting this beautiful adventure of developing a real brand together with Cristina (in late summer 2020), I had already counselled dozens of men on their sentimental adventures. I read their stories and listened to their words. I helped encourage them to put their words into writing. The results were pretty fantastic ! Some even got married just after the letter reached the woman of their life. I’ve even received invitations to some of their weddings !

Letter writing proved to be a valuable tool that helped to bring people closer together in their relationships.

Some of these men started a relationship with the women who received their “parisian envelope”. Others got engaged. Some simply renewed their vows of love. For others, their letter was the perfect way to express their gratitude. “Thank you for being there, for being a great friend”.

Of course, not all messages were an instant success. But we need to let fate will take its course …

A Reason to Write

I realized early enough that men can and do experience intense emotions. Deep emotions. Sometimes they find it harder to express them than women do; as if feelings were a new, complex language that took some time to become fluent in. I realized that a woman as a translator and a letter as the medium could help to put those emotions into words. A letter works like Google Translator, only better. Sitting down to write has a magic way of translating what passes inside the sender’s head into something simple. Black and white. Honest feelings without blunders.

One Fated Afternoon

And then, for those like me who believe like me in serendipity and coincidences, it happens that I start chatting with a Canadian girl one day, in a café in the 5th arrondissement of Paris. She is creative, she loves to write, and she knows how to translate emotions into words. She also has an idea: to send letters from Paris. Hm…

Send Love from Paris was officially born on the 5th of October 2020. For those who believe in astrology, as well as feelings, we observe Send Love as Libran brand; beautiful, balanced, and focused on relationships. It’s a brand that loves to take care of others, wants to contribute to the beauty in this world, which values ​​human connection.

Welcome to Send Love from Paris. We are here and ready to listen. Let the journey begin.


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