Amélie – Lavender stationery + pink wax seal

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Your message will be handwritten in black ink on a square lavender card with matching envelope. It will then be sealed with a beautiful pink wax stamp.

Choose this letter if your style is: romantic and whimsical
Color : blue lavender stationery + rose pearl wax
Inspired by : Amélie Poulain, from the famous French rom-com

How to order:
Choose from the options below.
Please check your message and address carefully.
We handwrite exactly what you wrote here.


Amélie – Lavender stationery + pink wax seal

Product Description

Envelope:  Acid-free Clairefontaine 140 x 140 cm, 120g weight
Card:  Acid-free Clairefontaine 135 x 135 cm, 120g weight

We want your letter to be something special and memorable. For that reason we’ve purposefully selected a stationary that is quintessentially Parisian, produced right here in the city of Love.

Each letter is individually written by hand, to create a bespoke product and experience for each letter recipient.

The act of writing letters has in recent times, faded in popularity and been replaced with more instant methods of sending and receiving messages. But with these faster methods has come a frenzy and disconnect in the way we relate to one-another. Receiving messages has lost a certain je ne c’est quoi.

Our goal is to help people rediscover this time honoured art form and find more joy in communicating with others.

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